PestWorld – Day One

18 Oct

(Probably not the greatest title to draw you in, huh?)

The actual convention portion of the event started today. I was on my feet from about 12:30 p.m. until almost 10 p.m. Tonight was our client reception – 300 pest management professionals and their families in one room, along with a mariachi band. These people are a hoot. I played Jimmy Olsen and snapped many photos. Afterwards I went back to my room, put on my swimsuit and took a quick dip in the pool. Ahhh….. 🙂 Too late did I see a whirlpool, which would have been nice on my tired feet and ankles. Sadly, I was almost dry and heading to my room to shower.

Strange things I saw today:

  • A nearly 6-foot-tall termite mascot wandering around the convention center. He high-fived me. (I will not reveal the name of the termite’s origin, because I will not give props to one of our competitors.)
  • Juggling mimes. They also wandered and juggled (though not at the same time). Later in the afternoon I saw them come around the corner talking. Mimes aren’t supposed to talk!

Tomorrow is the opening general session (which Dow AgroSciences sponsors), attending a couple of educational sessions, and working the booth. I don’t know what’s going on for dinner (hopefully nothing so I can spend the evening in my room).

Looking forward to St. Pete, where my friend and I will celebrate our birthdays (mine was on 10/4, hers was in June). Tomorrow is a long day, again most of it spent on my feet.

Is it bad that I don’t want to go to bed? I love staying in hotels (particularly this one)! I have to go to bed though, I need to be down at our sponsored general session by 8 a.m. So, another exciting post comes to a close. 🙂


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