Financial Goal Reached

16 Jan

I’ve had a goal for quite awhile now to get $2,000 in savings for emergencies (e.g. car repairs, something breaking down, etc.). With this latest paycheck yesterday, I finally hit that goal, with $2,055.41!

This was thanks in large part to the $100 that is taken from my paycheck and put directly into savings. As someone who is not good with money will agree, in theory that’s a great idea, but the money doesn’t always stay there, and in my case it sure didn’t.

I know wonder what to do now that I’ve hit my goal. I still have considerable credit card debt (considerable to me, at least — far less than my friend who is $50,000 in debt!) and am wondering if it would be a good idea to start putting that $100 toward the $500 I already set aside for credit card bills. I also am sticking my cards in the back of the freezer so I’m not tempted to use them. When I think about the things I could have right now (like, a house!) if I didn’t have that debt just makes me sick. But I have good intentions, and that’s a start.


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