Turning a corner

23 Apr

I jogged for the first time today. I had an appointment with my trainer, and it was nice outside so we did 10 laps around the rectangular building: we walked the long sides, and jogged the short ones. On the last lap, we sprinted a short one and walked the rest. It was awesome! She also told me how to do something similar on the treadmill.

Then we did crunches and rollouts with a big exercise ball.I’m still not seeing much of a weight loss, but I’m starting to lose some inches and see some muscle definition. Even more importantly, I’m doing things I could not have done when I first started training with her. I’m pushing myself harder than I did before, I have more stamina, and I’m just plain capable of doing more and different things. It’s a great feeling!

I’m also experimenting a bit for the next couple of weeks, and trying to eat fewer overall carbs, as well as fewer bad carbs and more good carbs. For instance, I’m replacing bread for sandwiches with flour tortillas (I wanted spinach tortillas, but couldn’t find them), which have 5 g of fiber. I’m also trying my hardest to have less caffeine and more water, although I slipped a bit today and had two 20 oz. diet cokes (in addition to 80 oz. of water, so hopefully that balances out).


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