It’s About Time!

15 May

California Supreme Court Overturns Gay Marriage Ban

It’s about time.

While I’m not gay and would benefit in no way from this announcement (particularly because I live in Wisconsin, where the real happy cows are!), I welcome the news nonetheless. No one bats an eye when someone like Britney Spears or Pamela Anderson enter into ill-advised marriages that last hours or even a few months, but when a loving, committed same-sex couple wants to get married, stop the presses! Does God favor a straight person who enters into marriage frivolously over a homosexual whose marriage could potentially last 10 times as long? I would like to think the God I believe in doesn’t discriminate this ridiculously.

I wish I were optimistic that this decision by the California Supreme Court would stand, but I am not holding out much hope. Unfortunately it seems those who are against same-sex marriage are far more well-funded and connected than those of us who believe that every person has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, whether that happiness entails marrying a man or a woman. I don’t recall that phrase in the Declaration of Independence including a codicil about the pursuit of happiness only being limited to heterosexuals. Or that “the pursuit of happiness” means more for heterosexuals than for gays.

Another argument that amuses me is the whole “marriage is a religious sacrament” garbage. Don’t people who go to the courthouse to get married call it “getting married?” If Catholics don’t want gays to marry in the church, fine. A marriage in a courthouse is presided over by a judge, not a priest, so does that make the marriage any less recognized in anyone’s eyes? Maybe they should call church weddings “marriages,” and non-denominational weddings “civil unions,” and just take religion completely out of the equation. Because any marriage, no matter where performed, isn’t legal until the couple obtains a marriage license, which is provided by the government.

See where I’m going with this?

Unfortunately, until this country achieves the true separation of church and state that our founding fathers envisioned and built this country on, bigotry like anti-gay marriage amendments will continue to erode society and keep good people from being able to legally declare their love for another person. I hope I live to see the day that this finally happens.


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