Adventures in Cat Ownership: The First Trip to the Veterinarian

20 May

Ginger had her first visit to the “V-E-T” tonight! She did very well. Didn’t fight me when I put her in her carrier, but yapped at me the entire drive there.

We got there and they had me put her (inside her carrier) on the waiting room scale, and she and the carrier weighed something like 13 pounds. When we got into the office, we tried to coax her out with a treat, but she wasn’t too interested. It took her about 15 seconds to come out, and then she hopped off the table and started to explore the room. We finally got her back up on the table and the vet looked her over while the assistant gently held her in place. She squirmed for the rabies shot, but not too badly.

All in all, my little Ginger is very healthy, and the assistant commented a couple times on how sweet she is. The vet said I should cut down on her food a little more (from 1/3 c. to 1/4 c. a day) to help get her weight down (without being in the carrier she weighed in at 9.8 pounds, which is slightly larger than he’d like to see her, but nothing to worry about. He also suggested I bring her in to get her teeth cleaned once a year, but otherwise she doesn’t need any of the vaccinations that outdoor cats get, so that’s good.

Then I put her back in her carrier, went out to pay for the shot (only $28 — the exam was free thanks to the WI Humane Society, as part of adopting your pet), and saw on the counter a picture of a cute little cat, whose name I think was Stuart. The poor little guy has only three legs (he was being abused) and had tested positive for feline leukemia, so he could only go to a one-cat home (or a home with another cat who tested positive). They were asking me if I wanted to take him and I said I couldn’t because Ginger is negative. Some of this can be attributed to PMS, I think, but not all … I was almost in tears reading about this little cat. He had such a sweet little face, and while I never understood animal abuse before, now that I have a pet of my own, I can’t even fathom hurting her like that, or imagining someone else hurting her. Maybe animal abusers are similar to child abusers — weak cowards who only prey on things smaller than them and defenseless. When I got to the car, I did cry, it was just so sad. I get like that sometimes, it’s a weird quirk about me — I over-identify with a complete stranger or strange situation, and get way to emotional about it. I guess I’d rather cry at the drop of a hat about something like that than not care at all. 🙂

I was going to take pictures of her during her vet appointment, but I figured the vet (who was kind of cute) would think that was weird. So I waited until we got home to photograph the “aftermath” of the vet trip.

Ginger replenishing her fluids after the vet trip

Because I am now a “new mom” pet owner, here are some more photos I took of her over the weekend.

I’m on ur bed, stealin ur coverz

Being lazy on the couch

The menacing huntress watching for birds


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