The long national nightmare is at an end

10 Jun

My search for an apartment in Wauwatosa came to an end tonight when I got a call that my application for an apartment was accepted! It’s a two-bedroom upper duplex with a faux electric fireplace and built in bookcases with leaded glass doors, a built in buffet in the dining room, a sort-of-old kitchen (but far larger than the one I have now), a large porch on the front and an airing porch in the back. And a garage space with an electric door opener, whee!

The built-in bookcases and hutch in the dining room (as well as the porch), while to some people might sound silly, were things I was really looking for and, while the carpet is not the color I would like it to be, and the kitchen is a little older, and not so great wallpaper in the bathroom, I’m willing to forgo those things for what I really want.

I can technically move in July 15, but probably will tell my landlord I’m moving on the 31st so I have time to clean my current apartment (and the new one). The main thing I am fretting over (besides being able to pay for all of this stuff) is telling my landlord. She’s so nice, and I am so not a confrontational person, so I don’t know exactly how to do it. I hate to say this, but I’m strongly considering telling a white lie and saying I’m moving in with a roommate or someone I know bought the duplex and I’m living upstairs. I know that it shallow and childish, but I am — at times — shallow and childish.

I won’t let that ruin my excitement though (although I have to give notice in the next couple days, as I’m going out of town for work from the 11th to the 20th). Yay! I have a two-bedroom apartment now!


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