Third State in Nine Days

18 Jun

I’m now in Charlotte, N.C., on the final leg of my weeklong work trip. My flight got in about 20 minutes late, but I managed to get some great shots from the sky before the sun went down.

This time I am at the Charlotte Marriott Executive Park, for another of the client seminars I worked last week in St. Louis. Internet access is $9.95 a day, which is not cool, and unfortunately something I can’t do without if I want to be connected to my office in any meaningful way. I know I’m not paying for it, but I’m offended on behalf of my client, who is paying for it.

On the upside, the room is very cool.

With a kick-ass LG TV.

Along with a very funky lamp,

as well as spiritual reading for both Catholics and Mormons.

I am so tired. Our meetings started earlier and earlier each morning, and as on most business trips, I’ve gotten more and more tired as the week has gone on. I am now going to listen to the end of the Brewer game online, and take my tired ass to bed.


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