Ginger, the Plus-sized Model

21 Jun

Apparently my cat Ginger is a budding model. My friend Jenna, one of the two who was looking in on G for me while I was out of town last week, snapped a few pictures to show me what a good girl G was being while I was away.

The one below that I took today reminded me how chubby she is (she was “a little chubby” when I adopted her about a month ago). It made me decide to give her a little bit less food and try and play with her more in the evenings, when she seems most active.

I’m looking forward to getting back to the gym next week. I see a personal trainer twice a week, and I haven’t seen her in about two weeks because of traveling for work. Unfortunately I won’t be able to work with her come the end of the month. She will either be let go because she hasn’t gotten enough new clients, or, if she gets the new clients they asked her to, she’ll be moved up a level and, therefore, too expensive for me to work with. I’m very disappointed, and don’t plan to work with a new trainer after she and I are done.

So far the weekend has been pretty tame. I did some shopping today, picked up three pairs of capris pants (on sale for $19.99!) for work, and got a badly-needed pedicure. It was a beautiful Saturday in Milwaukee. And then the sky turned wonky as the sun went down.

Thankfully it hasn’t rained yet. I like having the windows open, and we certainly have had our fill of rain for the summer.

Speaking of summer, I can’t believe Summerfest is less than a week away – where is the summer going so fast?! For those not familiar, Summerfest is a 10-day music and food festival held each year from the last Thursday in June through the first Sunday in July on Milwaukee’s lakefront. In addition to the food and music, it’s a great venue for people watching, as there are always many, many people who are wearing far too little clothing (definitely less than they should be wearing). I am not a fan of crowds, so I usually go once, eat a little, walk around, people watch, and then go home.

Very rarely is there a band I want to see at Summerfest, but this year They Might Be Giants will be playing one one of the free stages on the opening night of Summerfest, and I’m trying to talk my friend Roy into going with me. We’ll see if he’ll cave. :p


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