As the Packing Goes

27 Jun

Or doesn’t, like it did for me last night.

I brought home many, many boxes (well, maybe four or so more than I did previously, but they did barely fit under my arm) last night, but it was just too hot to pack, so I didn’t. I watched “I Love the New Millennium” and ate pizza for dinner, and tried to read last week’s Entertainment Weekly, which came to me in the mail with no staples to bind it.

Yes, it was too hot to pack. I have a love/hate relationship with summer. I love it in that it’s not winter (i.e. cold), but I hate it when it gets so humid that I roll out of bed and immediately begin sweating. And I know as I lose weight I will probably sweat less, but right now I am what I am, and who I am absolutely abhors sweating.

I’m sure my readers (all one or two of you) are amazed that some lucky guy hasn’t snapped me up yet. A girl who likes baseball, watches cheesy shows on VH1 and writes about sweat? I’m a catch! :p


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