Disappointment of the Day

16 Jul

Steven Page, lead singer of (one of my favorite bands) The Barenaked Ladies, was arrested on cocaine charges recently.

It might sound strange, but this news was very disheartening to me. One of the things I always loved about BNL was that they seemed never to get caught up in the traps of being famous (granted, they only had a few hit songs in the U.S., but those of us who are fans are FANS). I think all but one of them (Steven included) are married with children, and often the families come with them on tour. 

Now, it would seem, that’s not the case. Yes, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but this evidence looks pretty damning (especially since he posted bail for one of the women he was found with (and the fact that he was found with two women most likely won’t sit well with his wife, who is probably at home with the kids). The marijuana, who cares about: I don’t smoke it — never have — but from everything I’ve read, it should probably be legalized (most likely will happen in the next 10 years). But the cocaine — yikes, that’s some nasty stuff.

Hopefully this will all turn out well for him.

Now, in news more close to home: For some cockamamie reason I got out of bed around 6 a.m. today — it’s usually a struggle for me to get up at 7:30 in order to be at work at 8:30. After taking a shower (hopefully my hair will dry enough that I don’t have to bring out the hair dryer — it’s 73 right now but with the dew point feels like around 80) I packed up a little bit of the bathroom. So I’m making progress, slowly but surely. I’m trying not to think about the fact that I still have not gone through my storage locker downstairs. And not thinking about the fact that it’s supposed to be 90 when I move on Friday.


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