Still a Kid in Some Ways

2 Sep

While I am an adult in many ways (I pay my bills, live alone, am responsible for the health and well-being of a cat), there’s one thing that is still somewhat childlike about me, in that I still get very excited for my birthday to arrive.

As of this post, it’s one month and two days until my 35th birthday (Oct. 4 – the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi for all you Catholics out there, as well as the birthday of the now-banished-from-my-bookcase Anne Rice). I never like to plan anything because I usually end up disappointed when no one shows, yet I always naively try to. So I think this year (especially since I’m not thrilled about the prospect of turning 35) I’m going to lay low and see if my friends/loved ones/others plan anything. If they don’t, no biggie. If they do, yay. It would be nice to do something, though, because my birthday falls on a Saturday this year, which it hasn’t since my 30th, I don’t think. And my 30th birthday sucked (if you want to know why, comment and I will tell you), so it would be nice to break a bad streak. :p

I think the best birthday was my 20th (or was it 19th?). My friend Roy and I were roommates at the time, and he threw me a surprise party. We went to Appleton, Wis. to the mall for the day (when you go to school in Stevens Point, Wis., going to Appleton is somewhat like going to Chicago for those of us who live in Milwaukee), then to a play on campus. We were driving back to our apartment, and as he was going to turn onto our street he swerved and kept going down the road we were currently on. I thought he had lost his mind. Turned out that some friends who were coming were walking up to the house, and the surprise would have been blown.

We finally got to the apartment, and I walked in first. The whole place had been trashed, like someone had broken in. I was freaking out, and walked into the living room to see if anything had been taken, and there our friends were, yelling surprise. It was pretty cool. Although I’m incredibly gullible, so it’s pretty easy to pull the wool over my eyes.

Thus concludes my boring post for the day.


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