Cutting Through Political Clutter

10 Sep

I was listening to the radio on the drive to work this morning, and heard about a Web site where you can review background information and voting records of U.S. Congresspeople and Senators. It’s called Project Vote Smart.

I like this site because it’s nonpartisan. The election is still a ways off, and I’m so sick of the attack political ads put out by both sides (and if I hear one more thing about Sarah Palin possibly not being the mother of that baby of hers, I think I’ll scream), and this site looks like a great way to cut through all that and see how your candidate of choice (or anyone else for that matter) voted on issues important to you.

It’s pretty easy to navigate. Plug a name into the search engine, and it brings up biographical information on your choice. To the right are different pages to view on that particular person, including voting record, positions on issues, and campaign finances. The “voting record” page is pretty cool, there’s a drop-down menu where you can choose whatever issue you’re interested in (e.g. “abortion”) and it will tell you how your choice voted on a bill related to that subject.

This is definitely something that anyone who will be voting come November should look at.


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