Compliments Will Get You *Everywhere*

30 Sep

I was in line today at Office Depot when the man in front of me dropped something. I reached down and picked it up for him, handed it to him and then he thanked me, and I smiled a “you’re welcome.” A second or so later he turned around and said to me,

“You have a beautiful smile, what a pretty girl you are.”

I smiled (again) and thanked him. I can’t even remember the last time someone paid me a compliment like that, it’s been a long time. And it was strange enough that I just smiled and said “thank you.”

Usually I have some quip at the ready, like, “Ooh, that glaucoma must be acting up today!” Someone recently told me that when someone does something nice for me, I should just smile and say “thank you.” His words must be sinking in. 🙂

I paid for my purchase, left the store, and then went and bought a boatload of clothes for the fall that I desperately needed.

(Nearly) everything I tried on I thought I looked cute in. Usually I leave the clothing store crestfallen and depressed because nothing fits me right, stores think all plus-sized women are 5’8″ Amazons, or any myriad of other reasons. It’s funny how one little compliment can brighten your entire outlook.

My fortune in my Chinese food last night was nice as well.

“Good things are coming to you in due of time.” (in bed)

I’ve been thinking recently about karma, and hope that in the last couple of months my efforts to be a better person have been paying off in making me feel better about myself, and bringing good things my way. Because I sure think I deserve them. 🙂


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