Progress is Shown By More Than the Scale

31 Oct

I’ve been seeing a personal trainer at my gym for almost a year. Currently I see her for two 30-minute sessions a week. With her I primarily work on strength training, and do cardio on my own.

While I’ve not lost much weight (maybe 10 pounds at the most, but it fluctuates), I’m noticing benefits in other ways; specifically, in how my clothes fit. Lately I’m starting to notice that many of my tops and pants are starting to become a little too big for me — not to the point where I can’t wear them anymore, but they are definitely more roomy. I’m not losing weight, but my body is definitely changing — I actually am starting to get muscle definition in my triceps!

I also have her measure me about once a month, and I’ve noticed differences there as well. One of the biggest changes is that I could barely get through a half hour session when I first started working with her, and now I’m actually running on the treadmill on occasion (only for small bursts at a time, but still!).

It’s definitely not cheap to work with her, but I’m so glad I started doing this, and am making it a priority to continue to be able to pay for additional sessions when my current ones run out. And the best part is that she and I have become pretty good friends, so there’s double the benefit for me!


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