Halloween Recap

1 Nov

After having a couple of drinks at my place last night, my friends Roy, Jenn and I trekked out to the West Bend area to visit the Meadowbrook Market Haunted Cornfield. For $18, we wandered through about 3/4 of a mile of cornfield maze, filled with fog, live actors, animatronic monsters and lots, and lots of screaming (mostly by me and Roy).

Jenn was concerned that we would have a long wait (she’d waited more than two hours to get in before), but we were pleasantly surprised that we were able to go through right away. Maybe the fact that Halloween was on a Friday kept many revelers at house parties or bars. Either way, we were glad to not have a long wait, though it wasn’t terribly cold.

The “scares” were spaced out really well, allowing you to calm down sufficiently, only to get startled again. The animatronic stuff was actually really cool and was responsible for much of our screaming. I think our favorite live actor was a guy dressed as Beetlejuice, who followed us quite a long way through the corn maze (not really a maze, the path is very clearly laid out for you). Roy and I clutched each other the whole time, and those bastards made me go first! :p

Scattered throghout the corn were mini-haunted houses, including one shack that we were too scared to go into. At first we thought there was only an animatronic monster in there, but as we walked by we heard a menacing voice say, “dinnertime!” and that made us run, giggling and screaming at the same time. :p 

The path through the cornfield was nice and narrow, so whenever we’d brush against the corn, we wondered if it was an actor coming out to scare us. Another nice touch was that the security people wandering throughout the maze had on scary makeup and acted altogether weird, so it was fun to come upon them every once in awhile.

After leaving the maze we walked around the pumpkin patch, looked at the donkey and llama that live at the farm (along with rabbits and lots of other animals), and sat by the bonfire and listened to a predictable — but still entertaining — “real ghost story.” After a little more walking around, we headed home. Jenn had a long drive back to her house from my place so she said goodbye, but Roy stayed and I made him watch an episode of Paranormal State in which they conducted an exorcism.

I can’t even remember what I did last year on Halloween (probably nothing). This year will definitely become a great holiday memory for me. 🙂


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