Hey son, let’s go for a little ride….

13 Nov

This is crazy!

Nebraska parents rush to abandon children before lawmakers rewrite ill-fated ‘safe-haven’ law

In many cases, these aren’t newborns, they are teenagers or adolescents! The caption of the woman and the cat really gets me: ‘After a recent spat of her daughter’s bad behavior…’ What, did she stay out all night a couple times? Plaster too many ‘Hello Kitty’ pictures on the wall of her bedroom? The way the woman is looking at the cat almost says to me, ‘There there, Patches, that little bitch won’t come between you and I ever again! Now who wants to see my Franklin Mint doll collection?’

It makes me wonder if these people really are having issues with these kids, or if they just don’t feel like parenting them properly (or if they had parented them properly, maybe they wouldn’t have caused their parents to want to abandon them).


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