Let the Losing Begin!

20 Jan

One of my general New Year’s resolutions is to embrace opportunities that present themselves, no matter how scared or uneasy it may make me.

I’ve been overweight for more years than I’ve not been overweight. Puberty was the killer for me…I only got wider from there on out.

For a brief time in my 20s I lost some weight with the help of Weight Watchers, enjoying shopping in regular department stores.

Invariably, as with many one-time losers, I gained the weight back. And then some.

Two more stints with Weight Watchers proved unsuccessful, the fault lying solely with me and my lack of willpower.

I am hoping this time will be different.

The company for which I work just began a 15-week ‘Weight Watchers at Work’ program. This being an opportunity, I kept my New Year’s resolution and signed up.

My base weight (taken last Thursday) was a bit higher than I expected, but I’m not letting that hinder my determination. The first official weigh-in is coming up this Thursday, and I’m hoping to have lost a little weight to start the program off on the right foot.

My first ‘goal’ is to lose 10 percent of my body weight. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

My even smaller goal is to go to the gym more often than my twice-a-week training sessions, because that will only help me lose weight more consistently. It’s already helped me lower my cholesterol from 229 to 196 in 11 months.

It’s amazing what big changes a little thing like exercise can make.

I’m also including my 10 percent goal ticker. You math genuises out there will probably be able to figure out how much I weigh. I’m okay with that. 🙂

10% ticker:


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