Weigh-in:Week One

22 Jan

I’ll show the tickers first, and then elaborate on why I’m pleased.

Overall ticker:

10 percent ticker:

Yes, I lost three pounds.

My past experiences with Weight Watchers have all yielded large losses in the first week (like, six pounds large). I’m looking at the positive side of this modest loss in that a large loss would have set the bar too high for me. I would have been disappointed the next week with a one pound or half-pound loss.

I’m also happy about the three pound loss for the following reasons:

  • I only worked out twice (last Thursday, and last night)
  • Last week one of my lunches was worth more points than I’m allowed to eat in an entire day
  • I didn’t track food in the evenings and on the weekend because I kept leaving my little booklet at work
  • I went out to dinner on Monday night at had a large Mexican meal (enchilada, taco, chimichanga) as well as a margarita

I think I lost three pounds instead of gaining because when I was able to track, I did.

So, on to next week. I have dinner plans tonight and my friend J is coming over Saturday for pizza, but those are the only days I think I will need extra points for.

Go me!


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