Restaurant Review: Juniper 61

23 Jan

For those of you in the Milwaukee area, I offer you a new taste treat if you’re looking for a casual dinner out: Juniper 61, located at 61st and North in Wauwatosa. The restaurant is run by the same duo who brought you the wonderful Cafe Lulu, home of the ridiculously delicious Asian slaw.

My friend Kelly and I met there last night for a long-overdue girls’ night out. We spent our short wait for a table at the bar enjoying a glass of wine. One of the first things I noticed was that Juniper is smaller and more brightly lit than its older sister, Lulu. And it’s just as loud. (We got used to the cacaphony of voices shortly after arriving.)

While Juniper’s menu as a whole is smaller and different from Lulu’s, two items carried over: my favorite Asian slaw and fresh-baked pie for dessert (I indulged in both).

Neither of us was hungry enough to get an appetizer, so we just ordered entrees. Being a picky eater, I ordered a burger with provolone cheese, and of course the Asian slaw as my side…have I mentioned I love their Asian slaw? It was cooked a perfect medium-rare.

I wish I could remember what Kelly had. I know she liked it, though!

Then, of course, was dessert. Anyone who has been to Cafe Lulu knows that you can’t leave without having a piece of fresh-baked pie a mode! I had cherry and Kelly had blueberry.

Lovely way to end a meal!

Juniper 61 is located at 6030 W. North Ave. in Wauwautosa (seven blocks from my house, so I can walk there in the summer!)


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