Alternative to Running

29 Jan

My regular cardio routine at the gym as of late has been 30 minutes of internal training in the form of walking and running. Up until a few days ago it had been going well.

Sporadic, but well.

The last couple of times I’ve done it this week, I’ve found that it’s more difficult to get through the full minute of running. My shins and knees hurt, and after I get home I find my left food has some soreness as well.

The same thing happened last night, and I only made it about 15 minutes through my ‘scheduled’ half-hour. I went downstairs, went to the bathroom, came back up and got on the elliptical trainer. I used to do the elliptical trainer all the time back in the day, but stopped for one reason or another.

Wow, did I get a good workout! I consistently kept my heart rate right around where my trainer wanted it to be, and I was sweating buckets by the time I finished just 15 minutes.

Maybe in the future I’ll tag team my cardio workout between the treadmill and the elliptical.


Oh, weigh-in is today! Be prepared for not-so-good news.


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