Very Filling 11-point Lunch

2 Feb

A co-worker and I are on a quest for tasty, filling 10-point (or thereabouts) lunches each Monday. Today we went to the Olive Garden.

Pre-WW, when I went to the O.G. I would get the chicken parmesan (+/- 12 points), two helpings of salad (+/- 18 points) and a couple of breadsticks (+/- 6 points). That’s about twice as many points as I’m allowed in a day.

Today, I ordered the linguine alla marinara (6 points), minestrone (2 points) and had one breadstick (3 points), for a grand total of 11 points. While I wasn’t crazy about the minestrone, the linguine was a nice-sized portion, and I was definitely full at the end of the meal.

Another nice 11-point meal I get is from Noodles & Co.: a small house marinara (7 points) with seared chicken breast (4 points). If I have points to spare I throw in a roll (3 points).

So while my friend seeks out (and finds) 10-point meals — she has fewer points to spend a day than I do — I apparently am having success finding 11-point meals.

Whatever works!


2 Responses to “Very Filling 11-point Lunch”

  1. Sweetie Pie 4 February 2009 at 9:57 pm #

    I like the idea of a little Monday challenge like this one. I might have to try it myself. Great idea!!


  1. Losing Weight and Eating Out « A Little Ray of Bitter Sunshine - 4 February 2009

    […] say I’m doing a good job of planning lunches when I go out to eat during the week. I had the 11-point lunch at Olive Garden on Monday, and today I’ve planned a lunch at Rocky Rococo of about the same […]

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