Losing Weight and Eating Out

4 Feb

I have to say I’m doing a good job of planning lunches when I go out to eat during the week. I had the 11-point lunch at Olive Garden on Monday, and today I’ve planned a lunch at Rocky Rococo of about the same number of points (not the healthiest, I know, but at least it includes a salad, whereas before I would have gotten breadsticks).

The one thing I still have not mastered (not that I’ve mastered planning lunches by any stretch of the imagination) is dinners out at restaurants not in my Dining Out Guide. I did have pizza with my friend Roy last Friday and made an approximate guess of how many points I ate based on my food guide, but eating out at full-service restaurants (that don’t provide nutritional information on their Web sites) makes me nervous, and I’ve tried to avoid it since I started WW.

I know I can’t do that forever, though.


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