Another Wednesday

11 Feb

Today’s Wednesday, and you know what that means?!

Weigh-in Thursday!

I did okay this week, but not as good as last week. I had to dip into my working out points, which I really don’t like to do. And I don’t have many points left over today for dinner, which makes me a bit nervous.

I worked out three times again this week, including a good workout session with my trainer last night. We did mostly legs, and added in some shoulders, biceps and abs. We usually can pack in quite a bit in 30 minutes!

I should work out tonight, but my legs are still sore, and my tennis shoes are full of mud from dragging my garbage carts down to the curb last night (don’t ask … let’s just say I wish my landlord would fork over the money to have the driveway completely paved).

The scale at home showed I was down about a pound, so maybe I will give myself the night off tonight. Considering I lost almost four-and-a-half pounds last week, one pound is completely acceptable (especially considering I have a visitor this week, nudge-nudge).

And while I would love to lose 4 pounds every week, I know that’s not healthy, and I won’t keep it off in the long run. Bah! :p


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