Wednesday Pre-Weigh-in

18 Feb

Another Wednesday means another Thursday is right around the corner.

(It is Wednesday, right? This week has been crawling by.)

Another Thursday means another weigh-in, this time No. 5.

I did pretty well on food this week. I still had to dip into my workout points, but only for one point I think.

The ‘Couch to 5K’ experiment isn’t going to well. I got through the workout Sunday, but then could only get 15 minutes through yesterday because, on top of still being sore from Sunday, my ankles were killing me. Maybe someone of my size isn’t meant to do something like that.

But I’ll keep trying.

My scale says I’m down about a pound, so we’ll see how that gibes with the WW scale.

In non-weight-loss news, Friday I see my dermatologist and finally get my prescription for Accutane. I’ll be on that for the next five months, while having to take monthly blood and pregnancy tests.

Then on Tuesday the 24th I get a tooth pulled to start the ball rolling for braces on my bottom teeth. I have TMJ, and the only way he can treat that is to get rid of the crowding on my lower jaw and straighten out those teeth.

Lots of fun coming down the pike.

Lots of fun.


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