Pre-weigh-in Wednesday

4 Mar

Well, the braces are on as of last night…all five brackets.

With red bands.

I feel sort of silly for making such a big deal of it for only five brackets, but this is pretty important for me. For the next year, I’ll be wearing these things, and thanking my lucky stars I don’t have a whole mouthful of them!

I must be PMSing because I’ve wanted to eat the house out again this week. My scale showed me down about two pounds this morning, so we’ll see. I will have worked out four times this week (strength training of some sort in all four), so that should help me a little.

Someday I’ll write about more than Weight Watchers in this thing again, I promise! (Though the page hits have gone up since I started writing about it, so who knows?)

In non-WW news, my cat made me a little late for work this morning.

I had my closet door open while getting dressed, but always make sure it’s closed in the winter because the cold air just pours out of it.

She went inside to poke around, as she sometimes does. Usually she will come out when I tell her to, but this morning she didn’t. She wove her way into the back of the closet, until her body was essentially inside my shoe rack, all the while sniffing around.

My little Miss Curious.

“Ginger, come on out, Mama has to go to work.”

*Ginger stares*

This went on for about five minutes. I’m a pushover Mama, so of course I didn’t yell at her to get out or bring her out by force.  Eventually she wandered out of the closet, and I was able to get to work, about ten minutes late.

Thankfully I have a great supervisor who doesn’t worry about it.

As I have said before, she’s lucky she’s cute.



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