Weigh-in, Week 10

26 Mar

Sorry for the lack of posting, I’ve just not had a ton to say, started a new position in my company, blah blah blah.

I fell off the rails somewhat a couple weeks ago, had a business trip, yadda yadda yadda. In a nutshell, I gained 3.4 pounds, erasing my 5 percent loss but still holding me steady at an even 10 pounds lost.

This week I vowed to bounce back. While I didn’t track perfectly, I did make better choices than the week before, and it definitely showed. I lost a whopping 6 pounds!

10 percent ticker:

Overall ticker:

There could have been a couple of factors in the large loss this week. Yes, I tracked better and worked out three or four times. However, the week that I gained, I weighed in after just having worked out. And I weighed in at night, on a different scale, when I normally weigh in over the lunch hour. (I was out of town on business for our regular Noon Thursday meeting, so I weighed in Thursday evening at a location near my gym.)

Either way, I’ll take it. This puts me 4 pounds away from my Memorial Day, NYC trip goal of 20 pounds, and 7 away from my 10 percent goal. Woo hoo!

Today at the meeting some people were talking about how they obsess over food and ruin what could otherwise be a happy occasion (wedding, birthday, etc.).

I’m obsessing over something completely different.

Our last paid meeting is May 7.

We needed 20 people to sign up for Weight Watchers at Work for them to even consider coming to do a remote meeting. We’ve lost a few people along the way (one guy I think we lost within three weeks). What I am obsessing about is whether we’ll be able to get 20 people to re-up for another 15 weeks.

I truly feel I am so successful this time because I’m surrounded by members that I know, as opposed to strangers. Ninety-nine percent of us (there are two other companies in our building) work together and see each other on a semi-daily basis.

There’s a lot of accountability that I don’t feel I had going to a traditional meeting.

So my worry is that not being able to re-up for another 15 weeks will seriously hamper my ability to lose weight.

And I know a lot of this is mental, and that I could do it on my own, but why fix it if it’s not broken?


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