Return of the Weight Loss Posts: Weigh-in, Week 14

30 Apr

I haven’t posted much about my weight loss here in a few weeks (or much else, for that matter). Truthfully, there hadn’t been much good news to share. Until today I had two straight weeks of gains and, while I was diligent about posting the bad along with the good before, I’ve gotten lazy.

Lazy not only with weight loss, but life in general. I wonder if the depressive symptoms of the Accutane I’m on are starting to kick in a little. I literally cry at the drop of a hat these days.

But don’t worry, I have no designs on killing myself.

Again: Too lazy.

*        *       *

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Today was the second-to-last weigh-in of our first session (got that?!). We were luckily able to get enough people on board for a second 15-week session, so I can put that anxiety to bed. As I mentioned above, I’d had two straight weeks of gains, including last week’s 2.8 pound gain (thanks, Trivia!). I knew I was down, it was just a question of how much.

3.6 pounds!

This brings me to a total of 15.8 pounds lost, which is within two-tenths of a pound of the lowest loss I’ve had since joining W3.

Which means my goal of losing 20 pounds by the time we leave for New York on May 21 (screw you, swine flu!) is still within reach.

I didn’t track well last week, and I’ve had issues with getting in my lean protein, as well as fruits and vegetables, so I really need to kick my ass into gear and start cooking again at home.

I saw an infomercial for the Flavor Wave and it looked interesting, especially for a single gal who doesn’t always remember to take the meat out of the freezer before she goes to work. Does anyone own this or have experience with it? If so, please share your anecdotes!

Oh, and for those of you keeping track, here are my updated tickers (not much different from last time, simply because of the gains).

10 percent goal (only 7 pounds to go!):

Overall goal:

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