Walk it Off

5 Jun

I am nearly back in Weight Watchers mode after a mini-hiatus over the Memorial Day weekend. The Thursday before Memorial Day my best friend and I flew to Newark to stay with some of his friends. Of course, each day (except for our Sunday hangover day) we went into New York.

It was my first visit there and I had a great time. A separate post with photos to come on that.

Basically I knew there was no convenient way to be able to track what I was eating while I was out of town. I justified that by asserting in my mind that the walking we were going to be doing would offset any overindulging.

So I prayed for good weather.

And got it. It was beautiful every day we were there, so when I got home and on my scale, I was not surprised to see the number go down from before I left.

Our WW meeting the week I got back was canceled, so I went to another location over the lunch hour to weigh in. I was down 2.8 pounds, and was very pleased with myself, especially after a couple weeks of yo-yoing.

Since I got back it’s been hard to get into tracking mode again, but I still watched what I ate. When I weighed in yesterday I was only down .2, but a loss is a loss, right?

Yesterday’s loss puts me at a grand total of 16.6 pounds down (anyone trying to lose weight knows how important those tenth-pounds are, amiright?). I’m tempted to put three small bags of sugar in a bag and see how that weight feels.

While I didn’t reach my 20-pounds-by-Memorial-Day goal, I’m still happy with where I am, mentally and physically. My clothes fit better and I don’t get as winded when taking the stairs (we walked the last six flights to the observatory on the Empire State Building when I was in NYC — yes, I was winded, but I NEVER could have done that 16 pounds and one trainer ago). I just basically feel all-around better about myself, which is a great thing!

10 percent ticker:

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2 Responses to “Walk it Off”

  1. Shari 15 June 2009 at 7:21 pm #

    Congratulations! It’s exciting to hear about your success as it motivates me to keep trying.

    • Lisa 15 June 2009 at 11:08 pm #

      Thanks! Good luck in your weight loss endeavors! 🙂

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