Haiku Friday

19 Jun

It’s another Haiku Friday over at the Facebook home of The Nervous Breakdown. This week’s theme is weird moments you experienced in elementary school.

Here’s my submission, and then the (slightly) longer story behind it:

Schoolmate giving first-
graders vodka, telling them
that it was Kool-Aid

Yes, it’s true. I think I was probably in 7th or 8th grade, and a girl in my class named Sonia brought a plastic water bottle-type cup to school and gave some to the first-graders over recess. She told them it was Kool-aid, but of course it wasn’t.

I think maybe it was Kool-aid mixed with vodka, but I’m sure there was more vodka than Kool-aid.

I wish I could remember if she was caught. She graduated with us in 8th grade, so most likely she wasn’t. It was Catholic school, she would have been out on her ass.

I heard from another classmate that she died of leukemia or something like that.


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