New York Trip Recap — Day One

22 Jun

Over Memorial Day weekend, I made my first visit to New York City with my best friend Roy. I thought I would do some blog posts recapping the trip, with one post covering each day I was there.

I’m sure many of you have been to New York at least once, so I doubt any of this will be new. But isn’t it sometimes fun to see something familiar through another person’s eyes?

I thought so too.

So here we go!

Thursday, May 21

After going to sleep at about 2 a.m., we got up very early (5 a.m.) and took a cab to the airport. The upside is we flew Midwest Airlines, which has a direct flight from Milwaukee to Newark. Can I just say how nice it is to get on a plane and stay there until you reach your final destination???

This is what three hours of sleep looks like.

This is what three hours of sleep looks like.

It pays to travel with a tall person, because I got the window seat, along with the chance to enjoy the beautiful view (when I wasn’t trying to sleep).

The first of many photos that had me wishing for a better camera.

The first of many photos that had me wishing for a better camera.

Finally we reached Newark. I have my first B/C-list celebrity sighting — Seth Meyers from “Saturday Night Live” — while Roy was in the bathroom. I had to do a triple take for it to even register that it was him. Not only is he shorter than I imagined him to be, he looks a lot different without stage makeup on.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture. Like I said, it took me awhile to recognize him.

Did I mention the Newark airport is small? I think it’s smaller than Milwaukee’s (but I could be wrong).

After we saw Seth Meyers and got our luggage, we waited outside for our car that was taking us to Hoboken. It was a beautiful day!


The ride to Hoboken was about half an hour. Roy’s friend Jason — one half of the duo that was kind enough to let us stay with them — was at the apartment to greet us. They live in this adorable neighborhood full of row houses, with iron railings and narrow staircases, just like you’d imagine a New York-type neighborhood to look in the movies.

Cute Hoboken neighborhood.

Cute Hoboken neighborhood.

As cute as Chad and Jason’s neighborhood was, it still wasn’t immune to vandalism. Though you have to admit the graffiti is a little more cerebral than what you would normally see.

Don't I know it!

Don't I know it!

We spent the afternoon freshening up, getting supplies so we didn’t eat Chad and Jason out of house and home, and prepared to go into city for my first Broadway Show: Avenue Q.

When Roy’s other friend (and Jason’s roommate) Chad got home from work, we took a bus through the Lincoln Tunnel into the city. Every morning when we drove in I got to see this awesome view from the window.

Riding into the city.

Riding into the city.

We made a stop at Times Square before going to the theater.

Of course we took some pictures.

The first thing that struck me — as I know it does everyone who visits the city for the first time — is the number of people. It’s impossible to not be in someone’s way, or be bumped into dozens of times walking the length of a city block.

Times Square

Times Square

Fortunately we got there around dusk — any darker and the pictures probably wouldn’t have turned out.

Me and Roy

Me and Roy

Broadway show billboards

Broadway show billboards

So many people!

So many people!

After taking in Times Square, we made our way to Broadway. Roy and I went to see “Avenue Q,” and Jason and Chad went to see something called “Next to Normal” (which I think won a Tony award).

I loved, loved, LOVED Avenue Q!

Our show let out five minutes before Chad and Jason’s did, so Roy and I took goofy self-portraits and other snapshots.

Broadway self-portrait

Broadway self-portrait

The Jacobs Theater, home of Avenue Q

The Jacobs Theater, home of Avenue Q

This street is where I had my second (and final) celebrity sighting. When Chad and Jason got out of the show, they said that Neil Patrick Harris, Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel were in the theater with them.

Taye Diggs.


Just as I was wondering aloud whether, as celebrities, they were able to sneak out a side door after a show to avoid us little people, Neil Patrick Harris and his male companion came walking right out the front of the theater, the entrance to which was probably less than 100 feet away from us across the street.


I tried to snap a photo, but it’s so blurry you can’t tell it was him.

You’ll just have to take my word for it.

After a trip to a bakery for some take-home cheesecake and bus ride home, thus concluded my first day in the vicinity of New York.

Day Two: Statue of Liberty! Broadway! More cheesecake!


3 Responses to “New York Trip Recap — Day One”

  1. RoyalSyn 23 June 2009 at 1:26 pm #

    Nice play by play Myrna! And I do think the Newark airport is smaller – who knows for sure tho? hrmmmm I want a Midwest Cookie NOW!

    • Lisa 23 June 2009 at 1:42 pm #

      Me too! And I want it to break so they give me another cookie! 😀


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