Cats in Heat

25 Jun

No, I’m not talking about that time when cats thoughts turn to love and romance. I’m talking about cats and horrible heat waves like the one we’re currently experiencing in Wisconsin.

Three straight days of 90-degree temperatures — in an upstairs flat with only fans to cool us — have been miserable for both me and my cat, Ginger. The poor thing has been sprawled over any cool surface she can find — mainly the shelf under my end table and the hardwood floor of my bedroom and the hallway.

I’m a little concerned because she’s pretty lethargic and not drinking much water, but have been putting ice cubes in when I can. This morning before I went to work I gave her two bowls of ice with some water thrown in. It’s supposed to get a little cooler through the weekend, but not much.

I was perusing the internet about ways to help cats when it gets real warm outside. I found an article on and, while it makes me a tad nervous to read some of the symptoms of heatstroke, I am pretty sure she’ll be okay. Though I may try some of the cooling-down methods they suggest (if she’ll let me, of course).

If you have cats, or know someone with cats, and are interested in reading the piece, click here.

For those of you in warm climates or going through heat waves, stay cool!


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