Weigh-in, Week 29

4 Sep

Yesterday was our penultimate weigh-in before our current session ends.

I’m still making my way back to the 10 percent goal I reached awhile back. Counting the 1.6 pounds I lost yesterday, I have nine-tenths of a pound to go before I’m back at 23.7 pounds lost.

(If you do the math you’ll figure out how much I weighed when I started WW. I’m okay with that, life is too short to obsess.)

10 percent ticker (one pound to go):

Overall ticker (many pounds to go):

So, our current session ends on Thursday, Sept. 10.

Thankfully, I think we have enough people to continue on for another 15 weeks.

This makes me happy.

If you recall, back in Week 10 I was pretty anxious when our first session was coming to an end. It didn’t look like we were going to have enough people, and I was worried for myself as to how I would cope.

It worked out then, and it will work out now.

I’m also not as anxious this time around because I’ve resolved that I will keep attending, even if it’s not at work. Another girl and I decided we were going to find a meeting after work to go to together if the lunchtime Thursdays don’t continue.

I found out today we may have reached our quota to continue on, which is great. But if we don’t continue here, I will most definitely continue somewhere else.

Hope my U.S. friends have a great holiday weekend! And my non-U.S. friends — have a great weekend in general!



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