Need Your Help!

18 Sep

My kitty Ginger and I are fans of a great organization called All Aboard Animal Search and Rescue in California run in part by my friend Valerie. They work very hard to rescue and find homes for animals, particularly pit bulls who have been mistreated by their past owners.

Please read the story below (originally posted by my friend ) and consider making a donation in any amount you can to help this wonderful organization.

Ginger and I thank you!

Dearest Readers:

I am posting a special story today and asking for your help. This week, a reader asked for my help with a dog case (out of Leland, Mississippi)  she’d heard about, wondering if there was anything I could do for this animal. Our rescue policy prohibits taking dogs from out of state because we operate with the spirit of saving the dogs in our community as a #1 priority. Six million dogs die every single year in America, put to sleep due to over over population, and Sonoma county is full of homeless dogs. I told her I would look into it, but in the back of my mind, I knew, taking on a dog that wasn’t local was going to be a hell of a job.

Once I read April’s story, and saw her picture, I sent in on to Mary, our director. In an instant, we knew, we had to act. We’ve been in constant contact with the rescue authorities in Leland, Mississippi, and they’ve agreed to let us take April. Ladies and gentlemen, here is April and her story:

April, the burned Pit mix, on death row!!!!  April survived a fire, rescued from a burning building, as she tried to save her puppies, who all perished. April spent months at the vet’s recovering from her burns which was a painful and difficult process. She suffered permanent disfigurement to her back and feet from the burns. April has been cared for by angels in the Mississippi Delta, who operate with almost no resources. After 8 months, nobody has come forward to adopt her so she was about to be put down. The rescue ladies at did not give up and fought like gladiators to get help for this dog. April survived heart worm, the fire and losing all her puppies.

All Aboard Rescue, my rescue, agreed to take April. Once she arrives, we will hold her at our ranch until suitable foster care can be found (like my house after Kitty gets a home) and we will ensure she is adopted by the best family possible, no matter what or no matter how long, it takes. We will insist on an adoption contract that allows us to follow up on April’s progress, in person, for the rest of her life. April is going to California, for permanent security and care.

I am asking for donations for the considerable transport costs and for money to take care of April. I want her seen by a vet at UC Davis to evaluate her skin. April’s days of suffering are over. Period.

As a mother, I could not let this dog die in a shelter like a piece of garbage. Life is not black and white and sometimes, rules need to be broken. We have a rough website that isn’t even finished yet, but the PayPal link works. Any donation you make will go 100% for April. Stuff we need for administrative tasks, like envelopes and pens, we steal LMAO! BUT ONLY FROM OUR FRIENDS. We need to get her here and that’s my first concern. Anything you can do, whether it’s give money or send her a prayer for wellness and strength, is appreciated. Also, I am begging on my knees like a money whore so this is what my life has come to.

My first Live Journal dog rescue! Donation link is below. 

THANK YOU! Please re-post if you can and I wish you a great weekend. Things are looking up for April. Many thanks to Linda and Ann from arrf-arrf. You are fighting the good fight sisters…. and the only way to win is never, ever, give up.


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