50 Book Challenge, Book 3/50: Shh, it’s a secret!

26 Jan

My third book in my quest to read 50 in 2010 was one that I read more out of curiosity than anything else.

The Secret — Rhonda Byrne
Amazon.com review: Supporters will hail this New Age self-help book on the law of attraction as groundbreaking and life-changing work, finding validation in its thesis that one’s positive thoughts are powerful magnets that attract wealth, health, happiness … did we mention wealth? Detractors will be appalled by this as well as when the book argues that fleeting negative thoughts are powerful enough to create terminal illness, poverty and even widespread disasters.

My review: I’ve been hearing about this book on and off for years, and when I joined one of those “buy five books for $.99 each and get the sixth book for $5.99”-type clubs, I added to the list completely — as I mentioned above — out of curiosity. I’m not a big fan of self-help books, mainly because I have bad short-term memory and would have to keep re-reading them every week to get any kind of benefit from them. Like Amazon.com, I struggle to believe “The Secret” will bring me enough money to pay off my debts, could have cured my mother’s terminal gall bladder cancer, or prevented the recent tragedy in Haiti. That being said, I think the book’s main message of “like brings like,” and having a positive attitude about your own life and everything around you, are words to live by. I definitely plan to enlist some of the suggestions the book offers for bringing good things — well, one thing in particular that will go unmentioned here  — into my life.

Has anyone else read this book? If so, what are your thoughts? I was talking with a friend tonight who is convinced the book is responsible for getting her the job she currently has. I guess I won’t know it’s truth until I try it for myself. You’ll be (almost) the first to know when it does work!

FYI, if you want to see any of the other books I’ve read/reviewed, just click on the “50 Book Challenge” category and it will take you to all related entries!

3 / 50 books. 6% done!

1126 / 15000 pages. 8% done!


2 Responses to “50 Book Challenge, Book 3/50: Shh, it’s a secret!”

  1. geekinthepink87 7 May 2010 at 8:14 am #

    Hey I just wrote a blog about my experiences with this book in the past. The randomly generated link took me to your post and I think it’d be good for you to read mine if you’re trying this stuff. I outline in detail some stuff that worked and what didn’t. I was just as skeptical but I gave it a good shot and was really surprised by the results 🙂 Good luck with your 50 book challenge! Sounds like fun! 🙂 Here’s my blog 🙂 http://geekinth3pink.wordpress.com/

    • Lisa 10 May 2010 at 9:14 pm #

      Great, thanks for sharing!

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