Helping Older Animals

2 Jun

I just read this article on USA Today’s Web site and pretty much cried through the whole thing.

Chance for Bliss Sanctuary Has Happy Endings for Old Animals

Please consider visiting their Web site and donating. You can do a one-time donation, sponsor animals for as little as $10/month (they are looking for 1,000 donors at this level), and there’s also a wish list of items they need (monetary donations for vet bills, feed and overhead being the greatest). I delved deeper into their “How You Can Help” section and there are a myriad other ways to help as well, from visting Etsy sites and donating used books.

I’d love it if you could pass this information on to any animal lovers you know. Stories of animal cruelty just break my heart and make me hate the world. Reading stories like this restores a little of my faith in the goodness of people. From what the article says, this couple is in severe financial distress, which in turn means this wonderful sanctuary is in the same dire straits. Any little bit helps!

And here’s a little bit of gratuitious begging in the form of a photo of my cat, Ginger, who thanks you for helping the animals!


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