Viva Las Vegas (Or, I Love My New Digital Camera)

15 Mar

Leaving on a Jet Plane…

7 Mar

I’m off tomorrow (well, today technically) for Bullhead City, Ariz. via Las Vegas, to visit my college friend Maureen. Nice little long weekend, back in town on Tuesday.

On Monday we’re spending the day/night in Vegas, which I’m looking forward to, as I’ve never been. I told Mo not to let me get so drunk that I let Elvis marry me to some stranger.

I don’t know why she laughs whenever I say that, because I’m very serious. No Elvises. No weddings. No weddings performed by Elvises.

End of story.

Financial Goal Reached

16 Jan

I’ve had a goal for quite awhile now to get $2,000 in savings for emergencies (e.g. car repairs, something breaking down, etc.). With this latest paycheck yesterday, I finally hit that goal, with $2,055.41!

This was thanks in large part to the $100 that is taken from my paycheck and put directly into savings. As someone who is not good with money will agree, in theory that’s a great idea, but the money doesn’t always stay there, and in my case it sure didn’t.

I know wonder what to do now that I’ve hit my goal. I still have considerable credit card debt (considerable to me, at least — far less than my friend who is $50,000 in debt!) and am wondering if it would be a good idea to start putting that $100 toward the $500 I already set aside for credit card bills. I also am sticking my cards in the back of the freezer so I’m not tempted to use them. When I think about the things I could have right now (like, a house!) if I didn’t have that debt just makes me sick. But I have good intentions, and that’s a start.

Poor Hillary

7 Jan

Does anyone else think that Hillary Clinton has the same crazed look in her eyes that Howard Dean had after the Iowa primary, right before his campaign imploded? (New Hampshire! Vermont! New York! Gaahh! Yaaah!)

Post-9/11 Halloween

2 Nov

“Bill, that pumpkin is lookin at me funny.”

Suspicious Pumpkin Near UWM