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Season of Giving

5 Dec

If you’re looking to help out someone in need this holiday, consider visiting The site allows you to choose a participating children’s hospital in your area (or the city of your choice) and you’ll be taken to a wish list of toys and games that they would like to have on hand for their little patients. I didn’t spend a ton of money, but I’m glad a friend of mine reminded me about it again this year so I was able to do something.

The toys go straight to the hospitals, so there’s no administrative costs being skimmed off the top like sometimes happens when you donate to charity. These poor little kiddies could be stuck in the hospital for weeks or months, and it’s nice to know they will be able to keep their minds off whatever it is that has brought them to the hospital, even if for a little while.

Like I said, I didn’t spend much — $10 for Scrabble Junior — but it’s nice to know exactly where my “donation” is going, and that it’s staying right here in my area.

So please think about visiting the Web site. Even spending $10 is better than doing nothing!

Now back to watching ‘White Christmas’ and decorating my tree!