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Healthy Wednesday

8 Jul

As this is Wednesday — the day before my infamous Thursday weigh-ins — I thought I’d share an article I came across 0n MSN which details the 20 unhealthiest beverages in America.

Thankfully I’ve never consumed anything on the list. One: I don’t like coffee, so Diet Coke is my caffeinated drink of choice. Two: I don’t see the point/allure of energy drinks. Three: While I like ice cream, I prefer custard, so if I have a malt, it will be from Kopps.

If you drink any of the items on this list, maybe the article will help you rethink whether you really want that Starbucks Venti 2% Salted Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate.

Salt, caramel and hot chocolate?! Yuck!

Anyway, here’s the article. Enjoy!


Thoughts on Michael Jackson

1 Jul

I’ve not really jumped on the bandwagon and posted anything about Michael Jackson because I’m conflicted about it.

Thriller was one of the first albums (yes, vinyl, not a CD), and as one who is going to be 36 years old in a few months, I’m old enough to remember him as he was then. It’s difficult to reconcile those memories of him with more recent ones, like dangling “Blanket” off the hotel balcony, going to court in his pajamas, and all of those horrible plastic surgeries.

So, I direct you to this post, which pretty much sums up how I feel about the death of Micheal Jackson.

Pre-confidence numbers?

9 Jan

Apparently CNN would like us to believe that Americans are losing confidence in Barack Obama…before he takes office.

It’s a little silly to judge a president before he’s even taken office. Yes, his transition — which started out strong — has had a few hiccups, but he got going a helluva lot faster than presidents in recent memory. And it’s unfair to judge what kind of a job he will do until he does it.

Liberal elite media my a**.  If the media was so liberal, there would have been more widespread reporting about Bush admitting that Al Qaeda wasn’t in Iraq before the U.S. invasion, instead of the ridiculous shoe-throwing incident.


19 Dec

DNA Tests Confirm Remains Are Caylee Anthony

That poor little girl. Baby killers don’t last long in the prison system, so I’d almost rather see them give her mother life in prison than the death penalty. Because the electric chair or a lethal injection would be nothing compared to what those inmates could potentially do to that bitch once she’s behind bars.

Though I have to admit, a little part of my liberal heart still screams, “Fry the bitch!” Because even if she didn’t kill the little girl, she knows who did. And I think the grandparents know more than they’re telling as well.

Hell, put them all in a cell together.

I’m only glad they found her so that she can finally rest. Karma’s a bitch, and it’s coming for whomever killed that little girl.

Hey son, let’s go for a little ride….

13 Nov

This is crazy!

Nebraska parents rush to abandon children before lawmakers rewrite ill-fated ‘safe-haven’ law

In many cases, these aren’t newborns, they are teenagers or adolescents! The caption of the woman and the cat really gets me: ‘After a recent spat of her daughter’s bad behavior…’ What, did she stay out all night a couple times? Plaster too many ‘Hello Kitty’ pictures on the wall of her bedroom? The way the woman is looking at the cat almost says to me, ‘There there, Patches, that little bitch won’t come between you and I ever again! Now who wants to see my Franklin Mint doll collection?’

It makes me wonder if these people really are having issues with these kids, or if they just don’t feel like parenting them properly (or if they had parented them properly, maybe they wouldn’t have caused their parents to want to abandon them).

Apologize Schmologize

12 Nov

Here’s how to apologize for an invective remark without actually saying you’re sorry.

I know that the days of the right wing hypocrites scaring impressionable and naive Americans with talk of ‘isms’ and Barack Obama’s middle name are far from over. I just hope that he proves them all wrong, and quickly.

The Face of Hate

5 Nov
Bob Knoke, of Mission Viejo,  Amanda Standard, of Monrovia, Jim Domen, of Yorba Linda, and J.D. Gaddis, of Yorba Linda, celebrate returns for Proposition 8 at an Irvine Hotel

Bob Knoke, of Mission Viejo, Amanda Standard, of Monrovia, Jim Domen, of Yorba Linda, and J.D. Gaddis, of Yorba Linda, celebrate returns for Proposition 8 at an Irvine Hotel

Photo courtesy of

What you see above you are the faces of hate. These people are celebrating the fact that certain citizens of the state of California will either not be able to marry, or will have their marriages deemed illegal, simply because they are the same gender.

It makes me sick.