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Commissioner Goodell, Are You Reading This?

1 Feb

I was hoping to begin this post with the news of continued low ratings for the NFL “all-star game” (since I would probably get in trouble for saying the “P” word), played last night in Miami. This statistic was going to further the argument that no one pays attention to the “all-star game,” the players don’t necessarily want to play in it, and that the whole thing is essentially a big joke that no one cares about.

Looks like I won’t be able to do that.

There go my supporting arguments.

Nevertheless, I have an idea for making the “all-star game” more relevant, if not more watchable. Ratings rise of 40% over last year or no, I’m going to share it with all of you.

The NFL should raise the stakes of its “all-star game”, similar to what Major League Baseball did with its “game of best players” (since I can’t say the “A” word). Add a league-wide bye week to the NFL schedule at about mid-season, during which time the “all-star game” will be played. The victorious conference will then automatically win the coin toss at the “big game” (since I can’t say the “S” word).

Simple, right?

NFL, are you listening?


Packers @ Bucs, 9/28/08, Here I Come!

14 Jul

I just booked a flight to Tampa to see my friend Marnie; we’re planning to go to the Packer/Buccaneers game and cheer on the new QB for the Packers, Aaron Rodgers (note: buy an A. Rodgers jersey before the game). We’ve wanted to do this ever since she moved to Tampa, and I’m so excited that we’re finally going to do it.

The best part of the trip? My plane ticket cost me $10.

God, I love frequent flyer miles.

Off to watch the Home Run Derby!

Friday rant

11 Jul

I have spent a total of 7 hours in conference calls over the last two days. And we’re not talking a half an hour there, an hour here. Three and a half hours yesterday, and three and a half hours today. Of sitting. And listening. It’s times like these when I feel like a hamster running my wheel over and over and over, not really getting anywhere.

In slightly more positive news, there is finally a voice of reason in the long national Brett Favre un-retirement PR nightmare.

And, finally today…



18 Mar

Packers Tell Fans They Gave Favre to a Nice Farm Family

Jesus Has Turned in His Cleats

4 Mar

Brett Favre has finally retired.

Those who know me well are aware that I am not a huge fan of Brett Favre. I appreciate and respect his talent, but that’s where my adoration ends.

I am sure I’m one of the few people in Wisconsin who didn’t look forward to “Favre Watch” each off-season as he contemplated whether he’d play another season. With the announcement of Favre’s retirement, there are several things I won’t miss:

  • I won’t miss watching the Wisconsin news media trek down to Kiln, Miss. to hang on Brett Favre’s potential retirement announcement, which turned out not to be an announcement at all but a publicity stunt perpetrated by an assistant of Deanna Favre;
  • I won’t miss his “aw shucks” mentality when any unbiased observer can see that the man can’t stand to not have his name in the news (hence the last several years of him making the Packers and the local media wait with bated breath — far longer than they should have, and in some years this affected the search for a backup quarterback and other offensive players — for an announcement of whether he was coming back for another season).
  • I won’t miss interceptions thrown from the knees;
  • I won’t miss game-losing interceptions thrown into double/triple coverage when there is a perfectly good receiver open who could catch a pass/win the game/send the Packers to Super Bowl XLII.

Like I said, the man had an incredible talent and was very philanthropic. Unfortunately, with his great talent came the tendency to make spectacularly bad throwing decisions — he was either totally on or totally off. There was no middle ground with him. Coaches (up until Mike McCarthy, and Mike Sherman was particularly guilty of this) basically let Favre run wild on the field and do whatever he wanted, many times with hideous results.

And now, Aaron Rodgers would seem to be the heir apparent. Unfortunately he won’t have benefited from any direct tutelage from his predecessor, because Favre has said more than once it “wasn’t his job to mentor understudies.” As great as Favre was, this quote shows he could also be incredibly selfish, as is usually the case with an egomaniac who doesn’t want the student to become better than the master.

I for one hope that the Packers stand behind Rodgers and groom him to become a great quarterback — he has shown flashes of it during the few times he’s been able to play.

Now, if he can just get rid of the porn star beard…