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Cats in Heat

25 Jun

No, I’m not talking about that time when cats thoughts turn to love and romance. I’m talking about cats and horrible heat waves like the one we’re currently experiencing in Wisconsin.

Three straight days of 90-degree temperatures — in an upstairs flat with only fans to cool us — have been miserable for both me and my cat, Ginger. The poor thing has been sprawled over any cool surface she can find — mainly the shelf under my end table and the hardwood floor of my bedroom and the hallway.

I’m a little concerned because she’s pretty lethargic and not drinking much water, but have been putting ice cubes in when I can. This morning before I went to work I gave her two bowls of ice with some water thrown in. It’s supposed to get a little cooler through the weekend, but not much.

I was perusing the internet about ways to help cats when it gets real warm outside. I found an article on and, while it makes me a tad nervous to read some of the symptoms of heatstroke, I am pretty sure she’ll be okay. Though I may try some of the cooling-down methods they suggest (if she’ll let me, of course).

If you have cats, or know someone with cats, and are interested in reading the piece, click here.

For those of you in warm climates or going through heat waves, stay cool!


My “Green” Weekend

17 Aug

No, I didn’t spend the weekend recycling and pricing Priuses…I was celebrating half my heritage at Irish Fest, the “largest Irish cultural event in North America.” I try to go every year at least once, but I didn’t get there last year, so I went twice this time around. Friday night I went with a new friend and had a great time. Today (Sunday) I went with my best friend Roy (of Royalsyn’s Weblog).

It was a gorgeous day but hot as all get-out. I did browsing in the shopping sections on Friday night, so today was about finding shade, eating

Notice the rest of my meal is on the right waiting for him to finish it.

and getting in some culture. We saw most of a play about the very talented (and very gay) Oscar Wilde, but just missed a bunch of men in rugby-like gear playing tug-of-war in the mud (darn!). We also rode the SkyGlide, a ski-slope like contraption that takes you over the entire fairgrounds. I don’t go on it very often, because I’m afraid of heights, but I find if I look straight ahead and/or concentrate on taking pictures with my camera, I do okay.

"Taking off"

"Taking off"

One of the reasons I like the Skyglide is that you usually get a great view of the lake, because every so often it will come to a stop for a few minutes so people can enjoy said view. We didn’t get too much of a view, but it was still good.

Splash pool for the kids (smelled like chlorine, yum!)

Maier Festival Park (yes, it's directly under a busy freeway overpass)

Self-portrait (best friends all have a "thing" they have to do when they are together. This is our "thing.")

Once we got our feet firmly back on the ground, we ate some sweet corn and took some pictures by Lake Michigan (the festival grounds but up against the lake or, rather, the breakwaters that lead to the lake).

Discovery World and the famous Calatrava Art Museum brie soleil are in the background

Irish men rowing?

Isn't Milwaukee pretty in the summer? I think so.

And now Monday approaches, but with an interesting horoscope that makes me think this week could be interesting.

For the Week of Aug 18th, 2008 — Passionate Mars entering your sign this week puts you on the offensive for a change. Instead of quietly waiting to be noticed, you are ready to charge ahead to go after whatever and whomever you want. Yes, you may be more aggressive than usual, but it’s your time to take the lead in your relationship life.

Moving News, Holiday Weekend

5 Jul

I’ve finally made more progress on packing. I’ve pretty much finished everything I can do in the living room (TV obviously is still operational, and pics are still on the wall because I want to be able to move a few things that don’t have cat hair all over them). I’ve now moved onto the bedroom.

(Ginger is guarding the boxes from intruders.)

I have had a nice holiday weekend so far. My friend R and I went to South Shore Park in Bay View, which is about two blocks from his apartment, to watch Milwaukee’s lakefront fireworks. It was a beautiful night, though a little on the chilly side. I’d rather have that than be dripping with sweat. The lovely view gave me some opportunities to take photos.

(These are the rocks we sat on by the beach —
the comfort level after my training session of
20 minutes spent on a hard bike seat? About zero.)

R and I like taking “self portraits,” with him taking the pic because his arms are much longer than mine. So we spent our time before the fireworks doing just that.

Yes, the photos were nice at first, but everything pretty much went downhill from here.

(This is R’s “Crazy Serial Killer” face. It works for
him, yes?)

(I look terrible in this one, but it makes me laugh
because R looks like he wants to kill me. This
one made us almost pee our pants when we saw
how it turned out.)

Finally, the fireworks started. They were pretty good, although I was not too impressed by the finale (I guess the economy is hurting every sector, including fireworks displays). We were a ways away from the fireworks themselves, so the majority (well, all) of the pics I took didn’t really turn out too well, but this will give you an idea of what they looked like.

(Those really are fireworks. I swear.)

Friday I went over to my Dad’s house to do laundry and spend the day. We had a traditional midwestern Fourth of July holiday meal of brats, potato salad, and strawberry shortcake.

Today I went to the gym, packed a little (see above) and took a nap. I woke up to see Ginger laying across me on my side, from my shoulder to my hip. She started using my cheek like a scratching post (thank God she doesn’t have claws) and was licking my nose and forehead. I guess it’s no different than early in the morning, when she goes from one side of my bed to the other by walking over me, usually stepping on my boobs so hard I want to scream.

She’s lucky she’s cute.

Ginger, the Plus-sized Model

21 Jun

Apparently my cat Ginger is a budding model. My friend Jenna, one of the two who was looking in on G for me while I was out of town last week, snapped a few pictures to show me what a good girl G was being while I was away.

The one below that I took today reminded me how chubby she is (she was “a little chubby” when I adopted her about a month ago). It made me decide to give her a little bit less food and try and play with her more in the evenings, when she seems most active.

I’m looking forward to getting back to the gym next week. I see a personal trainer twice a week, and I haven’t seen her in about two weeks because of traveling for work. Unfortunately I won’t be able to work with her come the end of the month. She will either be let go because she hasn’t gotten enough new clients, or, if she gets the new clients they asked her to, she’ll be moved up a level and, therefore, too expensive for me to work with. I’m very disappointed, and don’t plan to work with a new trainer after she and I are done.

So far the weekend has been pretty tame. I did some shopping today, picked up three pairs of capris pants (on sale for $19.99!) for work, and got a badly-needed pedicure. It was a beautiful Saturday in Milwaukee. And then the sky turned wonky as the sun went down.

Thankfully it hasn’t rained yet. I like having the windows open, and we certainly have had our fill of rain for the summer.

Speaking of summer, I can’t believe Summerfest is less than a week away – where is the summer going so fast?! For those not familiar, Summerfest is a 10-day music and food festival held each year from the last Thursday in June through the first Sunday in July on Milwaukee’s lakefront. In addition to the food and music, it’s a great venue for people watching, as there are always many, many people who are wearing far too little clothing (definitely less than they should be wearing). I am not a fan of crowds, so I usually go once, eat a little, walk around, people watch, and then go home.

Very rarely is there a band I want to see at Summerfest, but this year They Might Be Giants will be playing one one of the free stages on the opening night of Summerfest, and I’m trying to talk my friend Roy into going with me. We’ll see if he’ll cave. :p