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Weigh-in, Week 29

4 Sep

Yesterday was our penultimate weigh-in before our current session ends.

I’m still making my way back to the 10 percent goal I reached awhile back. Counting the 1.6 pounds I lost yesterday, I have nine-tenths of a pound to go before I’m back at 23.7 pounds lost.

(If you do the math you’ll figure out how much I weighed when I started WW. I’m okay with that, life is too short to obsess.)

10 percent ticker (one pound to go):

Overall ticker (many pounds to go):

So, our current session ends on Thursday, Sept. 10.

Thankfully, I think we have enough people to continue on for another 15 weeks.

This makes me happy.

If you recall, back in Week 10 I was pretty anxious when our first session was coming to an end. It didn’t look like we were going to have enough people, and I was worried for myself as to how I would cope.

It worked out then, and it will work out now.

I’m also not as anxious this time around because I’ve resolved that I will keep attending, even if it’s not at work. Another girl and I decided we were going to find a meeting after work to go to together if the lunchtime Thursdays don’t continue.

I found out today we may have reached our quota to continue on, which is great. But if we don’t continue here, I will most definitely continue somewhere else.

Hope my U.S. friends have a great holiday weekend! And my non-U.S. friends — have a great weekend in general!



I’m Back!

28 May

I’m back after another apparently long hiatus. I’m not a busy person, so why I’ve not found the time to post is beyond me.

Here’s my recent life in a nutshell:

  • Started playing softball with my work team again (took a two-year hiatus). The training must be coming in handy because I’m not as sore the day after as I used to be.
  • Went to Hoboken, New Jersey/New York City over the Memorial Day weekend. Will make a longer post and share pictures about that tonight (I hope).
  • For the first time in my employee’s history, they had to lay off workers. We lost four people while I was on vacation.
  • We were able to re-up for another 15 weeks with Weight Watchers at Work (you need a certain number of people for them even to come out). Weigh-in after the vacation is today. I’m not too concerned. I was down a couple pounds this morning, so I probably will have lost about 1 pound come weigh-in at Noon. (We did a LOT of walking, and sporadic eating, so I think that helped.)

So yeah, that’s me.

Procrastination is my middle name

13 Jul

It’s a positively gorgeous day outside, and I really have the best intentions with regard to packing, but I just flippin’ hate doing it so much. If I had more money, I’d hire someone to do it — that’s how much I despise it.

I think I will be okay though. The movers come on the 18th, but I am paid up with rent through the 31st, so all non-essentials that can be toted in my and my Dad’s cars can stay here, as far as I’m concerned. I did finally start going through my bedroom closets, and realized I have far more sets of sheets than I realized. It’s amazing the things you find when you pack.

My new landlord also said if he was finished cleaning the carpets and painting before the 18th, I could start moving some boxes in early. My main fear is running out of boxes. I’ve gotten by so far with taking empty boxes from work, and R has gotten me some boxes from his work as well. I just don’t want buy any if I don’t have to. The cost of the move is covered, but financially I am strapped pretty tightly, so unexpected expenses are not an option.

Tonight R and I are going to Bastille Days downtown. I’ve not been there in years, so it should be fun. It will be a nice little diversion from packing (and from listening to my new neighbor stomp around upstairs). So now, off to pack the bathroom!

Chick-Flick Weekend

2 Jun

I’m not much of a “girly girl.” I hate dressing up, wear makeup only when I have to, and like watching baseball. However, there are a few “girly” things I enjoy, namely chick flicks and chick lit.

So you can imagine my anticipation at seeing “Sex and the City” on the big screen during its opening weekend. My friend Jenna and I ventured out to the Majestic Theater in Brookfield to take in the big-screen version of the pay cable show we both enjoyed during its six-year run. We got our tickets, then went to the snack stand and got some refreshments.

Apparently I’ve never before watched a movie with an audience that was 98 percent women, because I wanted to kill almost every one of them at some point during the film (Jenna excluded, of course — you’re fabulous!). The first time Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha each appeared on screen, gasps and screams filled the theater. The gasps and screams continued during almost every piece of dialoguye that was spoken between any of the characters; and, in case Jenna and I couldn’t hear what was being said on the screen, a helpful woman sitting in front of us — who we suspect had one too many cosmos — would loudly repeat any line that she found particularly funny (she did this a lot). So, essentially, I missed probably about 15 percent of the dialogue.

Don’t misunderstand me. I appreciate the fact that this movie is the ultimate “girls’ night out” event that will probably ever happen in our lifetime (deer hunter widow’s balls don’t count because, frankly, I don’t plan on marrying a deer hunter). And I appreciate friends wanting to experience the return of this beloved-by-many show, because that’s exactly what my friend and I wanted to do. But most of these women behaved as if they were sitting in their homes with their girlfriends watching the show each week on HBO. Except this behavior doesn’t translate well into A THEATER FULL OF PEOPLE! All I really wanted to do was watch the movie, take in every syllable, every scene, every outfit, every brief, fleeting shot of full frontal male nudity — but these harpies in the theater wouldn’t let me. I guess I didn’t realize what happens during a movie watched by primarily watched by women.

Fortunately I loved the movie and will be buying it on DVD, so I’ll be able to experience the movie again in the privacy and quiet of my own apartment.

* * *

After the movie Jenna I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner — yes, the restaurant with the “Cattle Crossing” sign right outside the ladies’ room.

Jenna decided to get dessert, and then tempted me to help her finish it (what am I if not a good friend?). J ordered the “Big ‘Ol Brownie,” a sinful and rich warm brownie with ice cream on the top.

I started out planning to just have a forkful, but of course I ate half of it, not counting the portion that I dropped right down into my cleavage.